Nick Kardos


Nick Kardos, a native of Kent Ohio, is an artist and animator who specializes in stop motion, 2D animation, VFX, and storyboarding, with some experience in 3D animation. Since 2013, Nick has animated and directed a variety of short stop motion films including,"Stop Motion Shenanigans," the music video “Sam the Knight 2.0,” “The Quest of Sam and Colleen,” and both parts of the BioScape Redemption miniseries. Other notable works include “Channel Surfing” and “Busker Battle” both produced by Jonathan Trueblood, and “Move in Day,” which was produced by Pahl Hluchan. He also animated with a team on the StoryCorps animation for Elfi Rook.

Nick is currently in production of another stop motion short, "Illuminated Abi” which he plans to release in April of 2018.