Puppet Fabrication


Welcome to Nick's wonderful world of puppetry! Here you'll find all of the puppets I've built and see how I made them!

Old puppets


These are all puppets I made during my time at Point Park. In the front is my penguin, Stanley. Directly behind him are my first two puppets, Republican Hippie, and Brown Eyed Girl. To their right is my version of Link from Breath of the Wild, and to their left is an updated Republican Hippie in a Santa hat! Finally in the back we have Jane, Abi, Thomas, and Jim! 

"Illuminated Abi" puppets

Here's Abi and Thomas from start to finish!

"Rise of the Bronze Dragon" Puppets


Leanna and Rowan

The Bronze Dragon 

Version 1

Mary and Gabriel Puppets from "So Mary, did you Know?"

Puppets for Collab Projects

Robbie Rotten

Dr. Kahl

Dr. Kahl's Robot